How to create an account ?

Click on the yellow button positioned at the top left corner. Write down your name and emails. Press submit and you will receive your password shortly.

How can I change my password?

When you login, go to your profile and click settings.

Why do I need to log in every time I open the site?

This is done for security reasons. Your session expires every time you close the site.

Should I change my time zone every time when I visit the site?

No need to do it.

Should I create a new account in order to subscribe to more that one tipster?

No. All accounts can subscribe to more than one tipster.

What payment methods does TipstersPlace.com offer?

We accept payments by PayPal and Skrill.

Where I can find my active tips?

You can find them in your mail box and on your profile page.

How long before the event starts can I receive tips?

At least two hours before the event starts.